The Birth of a Bead

Trying to define and explain the many-coloured worlds which our imagination opens a door to, is like an attempt to measure fantasy into grams or to calculate the exact volume of a dream, for example. There is a nice paradox in the fact that the impossibility itself lets freedom be at its fullest. And so, these worlds, having a will of their own and absorbing the emotions of everyone who has dared cross the threshold and enter them, take innumerous forms and shades. These real worlds born into fantastic spaces can be motley and bright, like the smile of a little girl in a dress who has just received a candy or an unexpected praise.

They can be blue, ice, smooth, magnetic like a mountain lake, which silently invites us to dive in to its greatest depths and we, enchanted, gaze at the surface and ask ourselves whether this would kill us.

These boundless worlds can be gold, soft and brown like the feeling in the forest when it is exactly quarter to five p.m. in any warm October day.

Sometimes they happen to be fiery, red, with dark spots tearing their wholeness, like a herd of black horses racing freely in a field of poppies and treading on their little fragile heads mercilessly.

Sometimes they can be even grey-white like endless ash deserts.

Always beautiful!

These are the places that artists go to. They inspire themselves and devote all their energy. They have a sip from both the bitterest and the sweetest. They forget themselves. They try, they pray, they dream and they work. And all the energy coming from the worlds of imagination grasps the energy of the artist and holds it tight and together they commit themselves to the birth of the creation.

This is the birth of a single bead. This bead, as small as it is, is magical. Because it is an exhibit brought straight from the ethereal world of phantasmagoria.

About Bilyana

There is a famous sentence that beauty will save the world. If that is true, Bilyana is surely one of the knights in this salvation quest. She creates beauty all around her. Born at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, she has lived all her life in nature, loving it, admiring it. That is why she creates all of her jewelry with natural materials, using wood, clay, sea stones and even coffee beans. Her jewelry has unique style, shining with the colours of the mountains, the sea, the woods and all the diversity of Bulgarian nature as a whole. Except for jewelry she also makes vases, flower decoration, wall decoration, she decorates even clothes and shoes.

Because she believes that every little thing lives its own life and has to be special for its owner. Her necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings are a product of many sleepless nights, but they are filled with all of the love of the creator and because of this they will surely bring love to the person that wears them. Bilyana likes irregular shapes and unusual colour combinations which makes her style really unique and easily recognized. An admirer of the Oriental culture, she also makes her jewelry with a Western finesse and in this way her creations are a true representative of the colourful and variegated country in which she was born-Bulgaria.